stepping out of the confort zone or pushing it out?
This little math riddle starts with: A hawk flies by a flock of doves and says: Hello hundred doves
what type of job is increase the headcount?
Culture says that we are responsible for those whose lives we touch…
Um sabado qualquer is a Brazilian comic about gods - this one is about hell.
Calvin tries to fake entusiasm for the homework…
Just a small rant about the lack of dreams
small rant about DRM, and not buying ebooks with it
we made up a new word for describing undescribable art
quote from Tyrion Lannister [GoT] about accepting ones own flaws
I try to be nice all the time… a comic
can we even tell where human nature ends and human culture starts?
Games used to be fun. At some point in time games even had an option to save the current progress so that you could later come back and restart the game where you left it. But today games do cater to our entertainment anymore. Games today, specially mobile games, are in the business of exploiting our frustation. We get the games for free, but then pay to get the annoying adds away, to get something to finish building faster.