DNS - Domain Names System

Before there was IPX, tokenring and a lot of other things, but that was before. Before the begining.

And then IP was created, and the creators understood that IP was good. And on top of IP they wrote TCP, UDP and ICMP. And the creators called the set of this protocols TCP/IP. And the creators understood that this was good. And that was the beginning.

And then they did rewrite protocol that existed before over TCP/IP and new protocols were created. And the net was created, and the net did grow up.

But in the beginning there were no names, only numbers. The numbers of IP. And while the network was small it was easy to know the numbers of all the computers in the network. But as the network started to grow the creators understood that it was necessary to give names to the computers, as it is easier for us to handle names than numbers. And becuase of that they created the DNS.

And, because everyone writes about the web, but very few write about the protocols that make the web work, I decided to write a series of posts about DNS.