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Staff Software Engineer Design, coordinate, support and help develop a new system to archive all the revenue and cost documents related with flexport trade operations. This project was started from scratch by my team. My role in the project have been designing the whole system architecture, including its integration with the whole flexport systems, databases used, components/deployable units, etc.
Developer, Senior Developer, Principal Developer 3rd Party Tooling Integration - supported the teams responsible for developing the APIs and data integrations between booking internal systems and external tooling to be used by CS agents. Messaging infrastructure - this system handles millions of messages per day exchanged between partners, clients and booking agents. The system includes preprocessing all messages through security filters, sending notifications, delivering the messages, etc. I was driving the architecture of the system as well as a significant amount of the core code.


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Marco Neves Developer/Software Engineer Over 20 years building systems, from CMSs to monitoring, from self-healing caching systems to distributed cron managers, from message queues to instant messaging. Almost half of my profissional live happened in where I started as a Developer in 2010 and where I had the pleasure of working in several high throughput systems and enable a lot of very innovative teams.,,, others - 1998 to 2010 Web/Backend Developer developed websites for and, as well as developed, integrated and supported new and pre-existing CMSs for them. Design and co-implement a publishing pipeline for Design and implement an uniform API to enable the configuration of different last-mile network equipment for DSL and Fiber; collect, store and display usage metrics for this last-mile equipments. SysAdmin Part of a team of two sysadmins, managing all the systems of iol.
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